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Breaking barriers for a more sustainable and inclusive future in flight

Woman Owned Airline

Lioness Electric Airways, the first woman-owned hybrid and electric airline, is dedicated to innovating in this space and giving opportunities to women in aeronautics.

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Soar into a new era of hybrid electric aviation with Panama’s very own Lioness Electric Airways!Our curated fleet of top-tier hybrid electric aircraft seamlessly blends efficiency with luxury.We offer a range of experiences, from private jet adventures, business travel, and VIP transport throughout Central America.We’re committed to delivering unmatched service, while breaking barriers in aeronautics by providing more opportunities for women and adding sustainable innovation to the aircraft space.Join us, where the sky is not the limit but the beginning of an extraordinary and inclusive journey.

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Extending the Life of our Planet

Beyond its aviation services, Lioness Electric Airways was born with a profound mission—to extend the life of our planet. As hybrid electric aircraft represent a more sustainable approach, the airline aligns itself with the global endeavor to mitigate environmental impact. Irina Meyer, with her global perspective, guides the airline towards a future where sustainable aviation and gender inclusivity intersect.

Irina Meyer

Founder & CEO

At the forefront of this transformative journey is Irina Meyer, collaborating with industry leaders Ampaire and her own Trim Technology to deliver cutting-edge hybrid electric flights and brokerage.

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Panama Leads the Way!

Nestled strategically in the heart of Central America, Panama, Lioness Electric Airways spearheads the aviation industry's pivotal shift toward sustainability! Panama’s commitment to innovation combined with embracing advanced technology, creates the best environment to empower the next generation of aviation pioneers, and contributes to the collective effort to preserve our planet. In doing so, Lioness Electric Airways not only breaks new ground in Panama, but also serves as a beacon for sustainable aviation and environmental stewardship in the aviation industry.

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Oceania Business Plaza, Street Punta Colon 43th Floor
Panama City, Panamá Province, Panama

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Aircraft Brokerage

As a leasing brokerage, our focus is on assisting owners in achieving two key objectives when leasing business jets: minimizing time on the market and maximizing returns for their assets. Following a thorough assessment of your aircraft, our in-house research team employs extensive market analytics to establish an attractive leasing price. We strategically showcase the aircraft to potential lessees worldwide, enhancing its value in the market.


Electric Eel

The EEL is primarily a testbed aircraft for the development of high-powered electronics, inverters, motors, and related systems. It is a platform for developing scalable technology and certification processes. The EEL can also serve owner-flown, charter and short-haul regional airline/cargo carriers.

Original Aircraft - Cessna 337 (Skymaster)

Eco Caravan

The Eco Caravan, equipped with the AMP-H570 plug-in hybrid-electric powertrain, is now available for pre-order. This 9-seater aircraft, using both a combustion engine and electric propulsion with a cargo pod battery pack, offers the lowest emissions in its class. It excels with SAF fuel, requires no charging stations, and has industry-leading cost metrics, making it a prime choice for sustainable aviation.

Original Aircraft - Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (and EX Variant)

Eco Otter

This 1 MW aircraft is a low-emission variant of the workhorse Twin Otter turboprop, used the world over as a regional airliner, cargo hauler and bush plane, as well as in a variety of specialized operations from surveillance to parachute jumping.

Original Aircraft - DHC6 (Twin Otter)


The Ampaire Tailwind™ embodies the future of efficient, zero emissions travel. Its clean-sheet design and next generation technology means fully-electric, fully-optimized performance in terms of range, endurance, efficiency, and speed. The Tailwind™ is the ultimate clean machine: electrically and aerodynamically. For the next generation of travelers this means more direct flights at lower costs, without the carbon footprint.

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